A Summer Class Delay…

Yeah....with a sudden summer course with my masters program hanging in the balance....

Yeah….with a sudden summer course with my masters program hanging in the balance….

Hi readers!! I wanted to apologize how long it is taking to get the next post up, which is about me, my husband and a good friend’s visit to the Erotic Heritage Museum, here in Las Vegas. My friend Northy wrote about his analysis here, which is a very snappy and poignant review. If you haven’t been able to read it, its a fair and critical analysis that I respect.

In short, my excuse is that I was accepted to the master of social work program at UNLV last month; something I had been working hard to get into after I decided that pursuing a master of education may not be the best and most competitive route here in Vegas. When I was accepted the grad college alerted me that I needed to complete a Biology course that my sociology degree did not require, before I begin this fall. I had to scramble to find a bio class at the local community college (College of Southern Nevada) that would get me the requirement completed by the end of summer, which I found, but I had to begin literally a week after I was accepted.

That meant my job was bye-bye. With only a week before the class begun, I had to leave with basically no notice. I hope that doesn’t affect things too much in the future, but I really had no other option.

So I began my class about a month ago, and at 4 days a week with a lab (which I don’t need, by the way) twice a week, it is very difficult and super time-consuming. I have to achieve at least a C in the course for it to apply to my masters program, so there is some…pressure.

So far, I have a B average and have just 3 more weeks to go. I cant wait to see it behind me, but in the meantime the sudden necessity of the class has usurped nearly all of my free time. Hence why the article on the Erotic Heritage Museum is still pending.

So, again, my apologies, I will have it up just as soon as I can. In the meantime, here is a taste:

“Recently, I went with my husband and a friend (Northy) to the Erotic Heritage Museum here in Las Vegas. Yeah, I know…the last place you may expect to find a museum about sex, right? Well, that’s one part of the joke; it was actually located directly next to a sex shop and a strip club. The building was even decked out in pink with garish neon signage to match the décor of the sex shop and club. From the onset, the museum made no mystery of its intimate connection (pun intended) to the sex industry, particularly with the porn industry. Unfortunately, this was the primary focus of the museum, concerning the complex subject of human sexuality.”

I’ll have the rest of it up soon! Until then, take care. :D

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    • Awesome! Yeah, the masters is pretty difficult. On top of a full set of classes, we also have to have an internship every semester for 20 hours a week. That’s what makes this a professional program though, which is one of the main reasons I knew this was a good choice for me. It isn’t just academia, but also practical, applied practice. :) Thank you for the luck!!

      • The applied practice thing is so important in so many lines of work; I wish more of them would start it sooner. Sounds like you did indeed pick a good program!

      • Agreed! I let you and everyone know how it’s going! My first internship is with a high school, I’m excited to work with teenagers. :)

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